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Various Artists - Armenian White Label (EP)

Various Artists - Armenian White Label (EP)


Next up on Rocky Hill is a limited edition, vinyl only white label, featuring 2 edits licensed from Terrestrial Funk and Darone Sassounian’s compilation from 2021, and two original tracks from LA - based DJ and producer, Lara Sarkissian.

The A side (Silk Road Side), features two previous exclusives from Darone’s compilation on Terrestrial Funk titled, ‘Silk Road: Journey of the Armenian Diaspora (1971 - 1982)’. The two edits on the A side were only available digitally, on CD, and Cassette formats.
A1 features an edit of Marten Yorgantz’s “Ammenain Serdov [De Tout Coeur]“ from NY-based DJ duo, Fundido. A2 features an edit of Jozeph Sefian’s “Karoun E Yegel” from Darone Sassounian.

The B Side (Lara Sarkissian Side), features two original tracks sampling duduk (Armenian woodwind), songs - named as Lezginka Dance Scene and Ojakhum Nightmare. The tracks are reworks of the originals from 2016 - 2017, when Sarkissian began the creation of her own unique process of synthesizing duduk as percussion, bass and voice. Both tracks have been used in her early live sets from 2017 - 2018.

They’re finally available now only on vinyl.

This is Rocky Hill.

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