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Darone Sassounian - Dance of the Sun Worshipers (EP)

Darone Sassounian - Dance of the Sun Worshipers (EP)


Returning fresh off of his last project ‘Goes On EP’, Darone is back with another 12”. This time, his project pays homage to two places which he calls home. A juxtaposition of his birthplace, Los Angeles, and where he feels a strong connection, Armenia.

The A-Side features ‘Dance of the Sun Worshipers’, which was written with the petroglyphs of Ughtasar and the Armenian Stonehenges of Syunik in mind. The henges in question were set as an astronomical observation tool to view the Milky Way Galaxy by the ancient natives of the land. Parts of the petroglyphs have carvings of beings dancing around a wheel of fire. A representation of the Sun or early signs of the Armenian Eternity Wheel.

The B-Side features ‘Far Away’ by Sassounian and a remix of the same track by Byron The Aquarius. Far Away was written at the height of lockdown, with a local collective of the same name in mind. Operating as a cassette label, mixtape series, and party, Far Away was based in Los Angeles, run by Cooper Saver and Jen Ferrer. Darone would frequently attend their events in Los Angeles and find comfort in a community that he can call home.

On remix duties, Byron The Aquarius delivers a raw and chuggy tip to Darone’s track, ‘Far Away’. A dub of the original, Byron programs this one into a full and thick driving force for the dancefloor and the heads.

This is Rocky Hill.

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