(photo: Anna Dalyan)

Rocky Hill Corps


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Rocky Hill Corps are based in Los Angeles and consists of members Arthur Kaplan, Gabe Lopez, and Darone Sassounian.

The name ‘Rocky Hill Corps’ is derived from Darone Sassounian’s management and booking label ‘Rocky Hill’, which also happens to be the name of the neighborhood he was born and raised in. The inclusion of the word ‘Corps’ is meant as a synonym for ‘unity or a body of people engaged in a particular activity.’ The inspiration behind Rocky Hill is Sassounian’s drive to bring both the sounds he was introduced to as a child, and the ones self-discovered from his bedroom, onto the dance floor: “Rocky Hill is my home; it’s where I grew up. It’s where I was introduced to my likes and dislikes, and where I feel the safest. That’s what I wish my colleagues and artists to feel.” Sassounian prefers to maintain a close knit and indie mindset when working with artists under his wing.

Arthur Kaplan and Gabe Lopez grew up in Miami together. They both studied Art and Design from an early age. Kaplan’s focus is Fabrication and Production Design, while Lopez’s focus is in Industrial Design. Both moved out to Los Angeles to pursue their careers a few years ago. Kaplan is the art director for Rocky Hill, while Lopez is a collaborative consultant. Darone Sassounian is born and raised in Los Angeles. He runs the label, Rocky Hill.

The trio first met at a music venue in Los Angeles in 2016. Having similar tastes in music, the three began experimenting with sounds and started to play records they admired, all in the presence of good company. “The three of us are drawn towards many different sounds. When we play records together, there’s a natural cohesion of unique sounds that blend well with one another. It varies from afro boogie, disco, house, and techno. It’s all music with a soul; some rare and some not so rare.”

In August 2019, Rocky Hill Corps began a monthly residency at Club Tee Gee in Los Angeles. 

In November 2019, Rocky Hill Corps began a monthly residency at Le Club at the Standard Los Angeles, opening for DJs such as Bosq, Jovonn and Will Saul.

For worldwide bookings and inquiries contact: info@rockyhillrecords.us